Rack Pull Exercise

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Here is another one of my favorite exercises. The rack pull exercise is the name for a partial deadlift usually just the last couple inches. I suppose what I’m doing here may be about a quarter deadlift.

In this video which comes from this previous Saturday’s workout I hit a new PR of 815 lbs.

This is one exercise I use to help my deadlift. Since doing it regularly I’ve had zero trouble locking out any deadlift I do. This one also has the benefit of making any deadlift I do from the ground feel real light in comparison.

Want to learn more about this training. Check out my newest book Deceptive Strength. It also includes the 14 Deadlifts bonus video. There’s many other deadlift variations I do as well. What you need to focus on depends on what you’re weaknesses are.

It’s also a phenomenal exercise by itself, even if you didn’t do deadlifting. It requires a strong grip (even with weightlifting straps). strong arms, strong back, strong waist, strong legs. The rack pull is very much a full body exercise.

For my birthday I got two 50kg weights to add to my collection. I was lucky enough to find these used at a local sporting goods store. Didn’t expect to find them there but they were. This allowed me to go higher in weight than I ever have before.

Unfortunately I once again maxed out what the barbell could support with my weight supply. Now that I’ve hit this number 1000 lbs. is in sight. I think I’ll be strapping some kettlebells on with bands or something as I move towards that goal.

Right after maxing out on this I also set a new PR in the Jefferson Deadlift with 465 lbs. for a single.

I’ll be posting more PR’s as they come in the rack pull and many other exercises…


  1. Do you practice one arm rack pulls?? I like rack pulls like yours in the video but I prefer one arm rack pulls. My goals are slightly different though, to help with my suitcase dead lift.

    1. Btw great job on the PR!! You definitely have more in you if you had the weights 😀

    2. Thanks! I have not tried that exercise but will have to sometime in the near future.

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