Swinging Clubbells

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I haven’t shown off swinging clubbells all that much, but I’ve been playing with them lately. This video features a 25 lb. club did in what I call a full and reverse swing style.

I haven’t talked a lot about clubbells, but they’re a fun and useful tool. They make a mention inside of Deceptive Strength…because that is the kind of strength they build.

More specifically, I like to call it 3D strength (three dimensional). Most training is linear. Some training, like swinging kettlebells, goes in two dimensions. But very little training actually goes in three dimensions. Clubbells are one way of doing it.

(Kettlebell juggling is another favorite method of 3D training.)

These work the shoulders, elbows, and grip in very different ways than most other tools and that is their big advantage. Of course, you want to work up to doing this smartly, because it takes some technique, balance, and strong joints to withstand the forces used.

Note that clubbells, where a significant weight is used, results in different abilities hit than Indian clubs, where the weight is typically one or two pounds.

For details on Indian clubs and their benefits see this post.

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