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Hand Position in Handstand Pushups

Your hand position in handstand pushups is not often addressed, even by those that teach the benefits of this exercise. Yet this small piece of positioning makes a BIG impact. In short, by having your hands out a bit wider, it changes the length of the range of motion, thus making handstand pushups easier. By […]

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6 Freestanding Handstand Pushups

I set a new record for myself. One of my goals this year was to hit 5 freestanding handstand pushups. Well, I didn’t do that, but instead hit 6. I might have had one more in me too, but I was too excited to keep going at that point. This came off of not training […]

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Planche and Hand Position

A few comments were raised about the hand position in Rafael Guerrero’s planche in a previous post. Why was he up on the fingertips? Is this necessary to do a planche in good form? Unless you have hyper-flexible wrists you won’t be able to do a planche with the fingers pointing forwards and flat on […]

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