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Which Set and Rep Scheme is Best?

Got a couple of questions around the same topic: “I would be interested in suggested set/rep strategies for different goals using body weight exercises. I am currently working my way to a 100 push-up set. I’ve been adjusting sets, reps, and rest. I’m reading about conflicting strategies. i.e. 3-9 sets throughout the day, everyday, in […]

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300 Beast Swings

In working with the kettlebell snatch I got to a point where it was going a little stale. So I decided to shift focus towards a sub-goal that would carry over to that main goal. Instead of snatches I’d do swings. More specifically I set a goal to do 300 swings with the beast, a […]

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Overcoming Plateaus in Training

Want to learn how to break through plateaus? There are many ways you could achieve this and I’ll give you a couple of good examples which work. Truth to be told, I don’t really hit plateaus in my training since I regularly use training methods and techniques outlined in this article. First of all, in […]

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Handstand Pushup Plateau

Another question came in recently regarding breaking through handstand pushup plateaus. I’m now able to balance about 15 seconds at best, but I do see progress. Focusing my weight on that first row of knuckles helps a lot. I also started doing more forearm stands as a balancing drill which have helped. … On another […]

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Give Me Your HSPU Questions?

I’m nearing completion of the second draft of The Ultimate Guide to Handstand Pushups. And I could use your help. You see, Chapter 11 addresses all the common problems people may have when doing handstand pushups. I have a bunch of questions already from a survey I did awhile back, but I want to make […]

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Break-thru your Plateau

What do you do when you hit a plateau? Sometimes you just can’t seem to make anymore progress. You know, things were going great and you were progressing quickly then all of a sudden you’re stuck. There are a couple of ways around this. First you can just keep going. Many times if you continue […]

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The Basics of Handstands

Hello, I just put up two new articles on the website. You can check them out here: Benefits of Hand Balancing Safety Concerns of Hand Balancing They cover some basic stuff you should know before you begin. There will be more coming soon on all the basics of hand balancing. A few people have been […]

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