Toughen Up Your Neck Using These Four Drills

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My newest article at Breaking Muscle on making your neck injury-proof has received quite a good reception.

4 Drills to Strengthen and Injury-Proof Your Neck

injury-proof neck

I was pretty scrawny growing up. But a year or two after I started serious training, when I saw an old acquaintance of mine, the first thing he said to me was, “Wow, your neck really filled out.”

The series of bridging exercises I’m about to share with you were responsible for that effect. If you’re starting with a pencil neck like I did, then these may help you build a bigger neck, but they’re really not the best mass building exercises. My focus has always been strength instead of mass. That‘s what these are for.

The neck has quite a few muscles. Most people get scared away from ever doing neck training, thinking they may end up hurting themselves. But that’s exactly the reason you need to do neck training.

As the support for your cervical spine, your skull, and your brain inside that, these muscles need to be strong. Although football players and wrestlers need neck strength absolutely, it’s a wise thing to train for anyone, women and children included.

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