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Viking Logan Wins Arm Wrestling Match

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I want to share with you a special Halloween story. And it does have to do with strength.

This year I was a Viking, along with my girlfriend dressed as a Valkyrie.

Halloween Vikings

Downtown Santa Cruz, where I live, is always a pretty crazy place. Lots of great costumes there. There was Heisenburg from Breaking Bad, a guy dressed as Miley Cyrus from the VMAs, and much more.

We visited a couple bars as some friends from out of town were visiting. It was at the last of these we ran into a group of people we hadn’t seen in years.

I’m not sure exactly how it got started but I was challenged to an arm wrestling match.

Despite all my strongman training, I rarely arm wrestle. It’s just not something I’ve focused on. And except for this night I can’t tell you the last time I actually did it.

And here comes this challenger, a guy a bit older and bigger than I am, talking about how he’s never lost and frequently beats much bigger people.

Well, I’m always up for a challenge.

We located a nearby table that was suitable for the match.

As best as I could, I recalled everything I knew about arm wrestling technique. All the tips I had learned from Dennis Rogers like bracing the arm before the match, locking the arm into the body and using that and so on. Now that I think about it there’s plenty more I could have done.

I put myself in the right state for the moment. It was good practice going from revelry to competitive and strong in a moment’s notice.

The ref made the call: 3…2…1…GO!

Arm Wrestling

Perhaps it was the viking spirit that helped me win 🙂

I smashed his arm down into the table.

The truth is after his big talk I expected a bit more of a struggle, but it was easy. I asked if he wanted to go again. He said yes and the results were the same.

My opponent was stunned, surprised at my strength. Unfortunately for him he didn’t know that being strong is kind of my job. Afterwards he asked some questions about my training and hand strength in particular which I happily discussed.

I have to say more than anything else that I’m doing right now that carries over to doing it is short bending. Still working my way towards the Red nail.

Though I’m sure the one arm chinnup work doesn’t hurt either.

Arm wrestling is a great way to get stronger as well as test your strength. I’m happy to report I won this test due to my other training.

The next time I get challenged I’ll be sure to let you know about it too.

Arm wrestling is a great place where you can be deceptively strong. I mentioned earlier Dennis Rogers who was a champion arm wrestler destroying guys over twice his size. It was this foundation that led him into the oldtime strongman feats.


  1. Nice work bro…I think the last person who challenged you was me and it was pretty even. Keep it up you Viking and we’ll have to have another go at it.

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