What are Assistance Exercises for?

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Yesterday, I talked about how many people do assistance exercises wrong. And that was to do them without rhyme or reason, simply because you think or heard they were a good idea.

Because this idea of assistance exercises often gets attached to the idea of isolation exercises (like those hamstring curls or thigh extensions), many people discard the idea all together.

I did that for years.

I simply did the exercises that I wanted to get good at. The full range lift whatever it happened to be.

And now, I realize I hampered my progress because of it.

An assistance exercise is made to assist you in a main exercise.

The goal is not to get good at the assistance exercise itself, but instead use it to help you towards some other aim. For it to do that, what does it have to do?


And there’s the rub.

The difficulty is not in doing the assistance exercise.

The difficulty is in finding the RIGHT assistance exercise in the first place.

To do this, I came up with a 3 phase process.

  • Phase 1 – Identify the category in which your weak link lies.
  • Phase 2 – Identify the specifics of the weak link.
  • Phase 3 – Target the weak link with a targeted tool.

There are seven categories, then based on these categories, I found 18 different tools that could be used to correct them.

In this sense, a tool does not necessarily mean barbell vs. kettlebell.

(And actually, your weak link may not even be physical at all, meaning it doesn’t have to do with an assistance exercise!)

I’m super excited by this. Why? Because it was a gap in my own strength training game; now that I’m using it, I’m seeing faster progress.

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