Wrist Flexibility Exercises

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I put up a new post at Breaking Muscle on Wrist Flexibility with three exercises to help you strengthen wrists and hands.

3 Drills for Building Wrist Flexibility


If you’re going to do handstands or many other gymnastic moves, then your hands and wrists can take a beating. Think about it: if you’re on your hands, your wrists are flexed back ninety degrees (or sometimes more) while bearing your entire body’s weight. Do this for a while and you’ve compounded lots of volume on top of that. For some people this never seems to be an issue. They’re naturally more flexible. Others don’t seem to have quite the flexibility and if they’re not smart about it, it can be painful and even injurious if you train your wrists too hard and too much.

I fall into that later group. Back in high school I played football and it was during that time that I injured my right wrist. It wasn’t broken, but a bad sprain caused it to become much less flexible than my left wrist. And since that injury, any time my wrist was flexed back I’d be in pain.

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