Handstand Basics
How to do a Handstand
The Benefits of Hand Balancing
Safety Concerns
Wrist Stretching and Soreness
Handstands and Scientific Balancing
Different Styles of Handstands
The Perfect Handstand
Glossary of Hand Balancing Terms
Handstand Guide for Beginners

Hand Balancing Exercises
How to do Handstand Pushups
The basics of doing handstand pushups against the wall.
How to do the Frogstand Press
How to pressup from a knees on elbows stand into a handstand.
How to do a Straight Handstand
How to straigthen out your handstand for the common gymnastic look.
How to Walk on Your Hands
Learn why when and how you should begin walking on your hands. Includes the Walk-n-Stop method for building control.
Forearm Stand
A great stunt itself but also helpful in leading up to the forearm stand.
Get Negative
Learn a fantastic way to build your strength to do difficult moves
Handstand Hand Isometric
A handstand specific exercise for developing strong wrists which will help you balance.
One Arm Handstand
Tips and ideas on training the One Arm Handstand.
Planche Progression
Tips and ideas on progressing with the planche. Includes a video.
How to do a Gymnastic Handstand
Want to do a straight handstand? This article and video will show you how.
One Finger Handstand
Those crazy Shaolin Monks are at it again. One finger handstands! Amazing!

Excerpts from The True Art and Science of Hand Balancing
On Shoulder Weaving
On Handstand Pushups
On the One Hand Handstand

Head Balancing
The Science of Head Balancing
Head-to-Head Balancing
Head Balancing Trapeze
Download the Entire Book as a PDF

Acrobatic Exercises
How to Roll
Why everyone needs to be able to roll and the most basic way to do so.
Forwards and Backwards Rolling
Details on how to do forwards and backwards rolls the most basic acrobatic movements.
How to do a Cartwheel
Learn how to do this simple gymnastic move and how to get it right.
How to do a Backflip
Learn the 3 parts of the backflip and the 9-step plan to get there.
How to do a Gymnastic Bridge
Learn the simple techniques of making a bridge harder and easier and how to increase your flexibility.
Ab Training for Acrobatics
Four levels of hanging leg raises to dramatically improve your ab strength fro hand balancing and acrobatics.
Different Stances for Greater Control
Learn how to alter your normal take off and landing stances do develop greater acrobatic ability.
How to do a Bar Kip
This video shows you how to do a bar kip step by step.
How to Roll after a Jump
This video shows you how to roll after a jump.
How to do a Wallrun
This video shows you how to do a wallrun.
How to do a Wall Climbup
This video shows you how to effortlessly climb up a wall.

Motor Moron
Don’t be a Motor Moron! Learn the basic movements everybody should be able to do.
6 Steps to Mastery
When you understand these progressions of training for any movement you should be able to gain progress faster.
How Visualization Can Help Your Handstands
The story of how I was able to hit my goal of a 30 second handstand with the help of visualization.
Remembering the Old Hand Balancing Days
Stu Goldberg recounts some of his old stories of training with Bob Jones and many others.
Moscow Circus Part 1Part 2Part 3
Learn from master circus performers and see incredible pictures of their stunts
European Vacation
Read the story of hand balancing abroad and a critique of form on the pictures in front of some famous structures


  1. My dad is Carlos in picture of Atlas Trio ! Still researching info on his group ! He often used to do hand balancing with us as children. I have tried unsuccessfully until now to get info on his troop and hand balancing in general …so grateful . Thanks !

    1. @PJ Moran:
      My words seem to have been erased. I’m the one who sent Logan Christopher the photo of Harry and the trio. Didn’t go out with them as I was 17 at the time and Harry didn’t think I was good enough. Later I went out wIth the Five Eriksons, from the Ringling show.

      Stu Goldberg

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