Diet for Strength

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Does it really matter what you eat for building strength?

First of all, if you are looking to reduce fat or build muscle, then proper diet is essential for those specific goals. Nonetheless, what most people do not realize is that building strength doesn’t have to go hand in hand with building muscle. Those are two different goals can go together, but not necessarily so. Sometimes more muscle doesn’t mean any more strength.

There are many ways to build strength. For instance, you can strengthen your tendons, improve technique or even optimize the nervous system. With all of these in play, muscle building becomes less important. Having that in mind, what you eat to build strength isn’t really the most important thing in the world. Many people succeed in getting strong with a very poor diet, by training in the right way. Moreover, people who have the most perfect diet can also become very strong. With that said, the most important element of getting stronger is how you train, not what you eat. In fact, around 90% of your strength gains depends on the training you do.

To get the best bang for your buck, it’s crucial to drop the idea of Diet for Strength and focus on Diet for Health instead. Here’s why. Your health benefits from improved diet, but it also helps with strength gain in several different ways. First of all, poor diet will cause you to get sick from time to time and unnecessarily hinder in your progress. Whereas with healthy diet you can reach the state of Radiant Health and never get sick at all. This will lead to increase in energy for training and overall well-being as a result of eating healthy. There are many factors which contribute to how you feel on a crappy or good diet, like your age, but the bottom line is that you should eat for health reasons which will transfer into strength gains over time.

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  1. Hoppa… Damn right you are, Logan!

    Fucking awesome to see that you think about this entire matter in the same EXACT way as I do! Coincidence?! Shit man, I think NOT!

    As a matter of fact, and I shit you not, but I talked about this matter as well and discussed it in MAJOR details as well on my own site. Although NOT in the exact way as you did over here, obviously! And, as usual, I wrote a whole LOT more than you did over here… But then again, on the other hand, you also added a Video to this article, which I did NOT.

    Anyway man, with all of that being said, I couldn’t agree MORE with you in the longrun, and as usual, we’re on the exact SAME level of agreement with each other on this matter.

    Also, If you haven’t checked out my article yet that I released on the 5th of this month, then by all means, you can do so right here! Please check it out and lemme know what your thoughts, opinions and ideas are about all of it, that would be very much appreciated indeed! Thanks in advance, man!

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    I’ll talk to you soon, my friend… As I’ve got some serious and very important shit to discuss with you, MORE on that very soon!


    P.S. Oh yeah, I’m checking out the 5th part of the Strength Health Mind Power montlhy course, it’s damn good and very interesting stuff! And next to that, it’s VERY relevant and CRUCIAL to what I’m about to discuss with you later on this week, so thanks a lot for that as well! I’ve said it before MANY times but I’ll say it again: You da MAN, Logan!

    1. Great article. That’s funny too because I’m going to talk a bit about Dragonball Z in the next inner circle issue. I’m glad you got a lot out of the last one. Tons of work and experimentation went into that issue.

  2. Hei guys,

    the oldtime strongman Edward Aston suggested finding out which foods agree with your particular body system, and focus on those, while cutting out / ignoring the ones that don’t.

    Which is essentially eating for health, narrowed down to what keeps your cylinders running at full throttle.

    I noticed eggs don’t work as well as other meat proteins on me, then did research and found studies that show some ppl require even so-called non essential amino acids.

    Maybe some lifetime / genetic vegetarians can get by on just the essential ones, or less? More research needs to be done in this area, I think

  3. Cool man, thanks a lot for the feedback, Logan… I truly appreciate it! Yeah, I figured that sooner or later you were gonna talk about that shit as well, about Dragonball Z that is, of course… Damn good stuff, I’m already looking forward to that shit, as I already know that it’s gonna be awesome! And like I mentioned before, GREAT minds think alike!

    With that being said though, Yeah I definitely got a TON outta the last one indeed, got that right… As a matter of fact, I got a LOT out of ALL of them thus far, they’re ALL fucking awesome and jampacked with LEGIT, straight-to-the-point, helpful and above ALL, USEFULL information… So thanks a lot for that, it’s good stuff—Keep ’em coming! 😀

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