How To Do It All

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I got an interesting question recently on how to incorporate kettlebells, kettlebell juggling, bodyweight, gymnastics, strongman training, Olympic lifting and heavy barbell work into one program. In fact something along these lines is a common question I receive because it is what I do.

Judging from numerous videos on my YouTube Channel, people might get the idea that I do all of this at the same time, but actually I focus on just two or three of these different workout categories at a time. For example, you can create an awesome program with kettlebell and barbell training at the same time, especially since those two go very well together. Ditto for bodyweight & strongman training.

You just might get away with three things at a time, but if you try to fit more than that all in one program you’ll likely spread yourself too thin. I have to admit I like to do them all, but I always focus at a couple of things at a time and work on those.

My best advice is to pick one main thing to be your primary focus. Then you can have secondary and tertiary focuses as well.

For instance a little while ago I was focused on hand balancing and gymnastic feats like levers. This was combined with rock climbing and kettlebell juggling.

Lately, I’ve been doing heavy weightlifting plus the kettlebell snatch along with grip training.

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