How to get a Six Pack

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What do you need to do in order to reveal six pack abs? Instead of focusing on how to get a six pack, we should rather think about steps which need to be taken to reveal them.

First of all, you need to get rid of that excess fat. As you might’ve noticed, I don’t really have that much fat, which is partly genetics, but mostly due to the way I train and eat.

The most important aspect of your journey to six pack abs is your diet or nutrition. You need to get your body fat percentage down to a certain point and only then will you have a chance to see your abs.

Secondly, forget about crunches. There are much better options for increasing the size and tone of your abs – like hanging leg raises or ab wheel rollouts.

Something you don’t hear that often is the fact that muscle control exercises are really helpful for getting pretty abs. It’s not just the fat behind your skin that’s problematic, but also bad stuff inside that a lot of people have which negatively affects digestion and health. When you manage to get rid of that, you’ll lose fat quicker and improve the appearance of abdominal muscles. One of the best exercises for this isĀ abdominal vacuum, where you blow all the air from your lungs and then suck in the stomach. The other good one is to simply flex your abs, as shown in the video above.

To recap:

  1. Get rid of body-fat to reveal your abs
  2. Focus on abs exercises which do not involve crunches to develop stronger abs
  3. Start practicing muscle control exercises to improve your health and appearance of abdominal muscles

Remember to be consistent. Enjoy your results!

If you want to work on your abs through numerous ab work outs, you should definitely look into The Ultimate Guide to Bodyweight Ab Exercises.


  1. great sense of humor, Logan :]

    sick muscle control..wish i could do that
    but what u have there is more than a mere 6-pack right? i mean, those look like they could take a hard punch!!

    1. Thanks. Yes, its “functional”, in the sense that I don’t train or work to get a six pack, I just train to be strong.

  2. you’re welcome!!

    Most of the time when someone sports a 6-pack, I don’t even bat an eyelid..cause theirs is as far from Bruce Lee’s as the Earth is from the sky.

    However, to their credit the reason they train is simply to achieve a certain look, and if one wanted only that they would not be browsing (authentic)crazy training sites like this one..:)

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