Intuitive Mobility Sneak Peek

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Last month I posted half of the Introduction module to Intuitive Mobility to give a glimpse inside.

You can see that here.

And I received feedback that videos from different modules gives a better feel for the whole course. So I’m leaving those previous videos up and giving you more.

(This is one of my biggest courses as it walks you through EVERYTHING mobility from A to Z, so there’s lots in there.)

Module 2 covers the whole body, joint by joint, in mobility exercises. Here is the Scapula.

Module 3 covers how to progress with mobility exercises (because it’s always about progression!). This includes some follow along videos such as this one which takes you through straight lines in mobility exercises.

Module 4 covers what I like to call Positional Mobility. It involves doing mobility from positions other than standing in a neutral position. While this might seem like it’s easy, it can actually dramatically change how your mobility works. Here’s the intro to that.

Module 5 is where the concept of Intuitive Mobility is finally hit on. (You see, you need a base of basic mobility before we can really get into it being intuitive.) Here is a discussion of how there really are unlimited movements available to the body in mobility work.

Module 6 is all about how to fix injuries and pain. This is one of the greatest benefits of Intuitive Mobility in my opinion (that and it helping to avoid such things in the first place). While filming this course I hurt myself in training which gave me a real example to walk you through on. What follows is the first session of such.

As I mentioned earlier this is one of my biggest courses. It takes some time to go through. But if you do it, following the ten week training plan as laid out, you’ll develop an extremely useful skillset…intuitive mobility. (Actually that’s two skillsets, the ability to move better and the ability to “listen” to your body’s signals better.)

Get Intuitive Mobility here. (Right now it’s cheaper than it’s ever been as part of my Quarantine Sale.)

Intuitive Mobility Course

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