Marilyn Monroe, Breast Development and Recovering from Your Workouts

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The other day I was going through a book on hypnosis by Leslie Lecron. This man worked with the famous actress Marilyn Monroe early in her career. Did you know that early on when she was trying out for acting gigs she would become paralyzed with fear when she had to speak? Through hypnosis she became more confident and was able to go on to become the famous actress she was.

Just a fun fact, but that’s not really important for the matter at hand. In that book is stated:

“The subconscious can be told to regulate absorption so you take in less energy from the food that you eat. You are to absorb only as much as in needed to maintain a weight of twenty-five pounds less than your actual weight. It is not scientifically certain if the subconscious can control the rate of food absorption in this way, but it is a possibility, since control of other body processes by the subconscious can be demonstrated. When using suggestion in controlling the overeating tendency, emphasize your motives.”

This paragraph got me to start thinking. Hypnosis can be used to control many functions in the body that aren’t normally under our conscious control.

Later in that book something even more startling…

“Breast development by hypnotic suggestion has been reported in many instances, and of seven cases among my own patients, six found an increase in measurement of from one and a half to more than two inches. To say that these girls were pleased is putting it mildly.”


If hypnosis can be used to grow bigger breasts what else can it do?

Whoa! If you can grow your breasts through hypnosis what else can you do?

(Please men don’t be thinking about THAT!)

I’ve used hypnosis for strength before. But I recently I decided to go the other direction and focus on recovery.

And I think this may be an even smarter and more impactful choice of the two!

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