Podcast: Adam Glass

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Adam Glass is a good buddy of mine. So its about time I got him on the podcast. Had a lot of fun with this call as we discussed our training and how different it is from so many people out there.

Adam Glass Plate Curling

Warning: Explicit!

  • How you can train WITHOUT EFFORT and make great gains
  • What does it take to hit some kind of PR in everything you do everyday?
  • Avoiding injuries
  • How mass is unnecessary for most strength goals
  • Parallels from the oldtime strongmen’s training and Adam’s
  • Why people telling you what you should be able to do (to be a man or whatever) can be very counter-productive and lead to problems
  • How switching up what you do and doing tons of variation may be the best way to train
  • And much more

Get the training system that teaches you how to properly listen to your own body for faster gains, no injuries and PR’s everyday. The most comprehensive course in biofeedback training out there and a huge component of my training.

Gym Movement 2.0

As a bonus I’m throwing in my course Beyond Biofeedback: The 4 Levels of Intuitive Training ($197 value). I’m offering this bonus because I get a commission on if you buy this course through this link and want to give you even more value. Of course the reason I’m recommending it is because I believe in it so much. This is material I use every single day in my training regardless of what kind of training I’m doing.

After you order forward me your receipt and I’ll send you this bonus course to download (videos and PDF manual). If you already have this course let me know and I’ll hook you up with other bonuses of an equal value.


Click here to access the complete transcript.


  1. Hi Logan,
    Would it be possible to get the transcriptions of your podcasts ? i am French and although I have no problems reading your articles in English, the podcasts are really tough for me to follow.
    Does the technology allows that ?
    Thanks and regards,

    1. Author

      I do have every one transcribed. It just takes a little time to do so so the transcript gets added later. Come back to this post in about a week and you’ll probably see it then.

  2. Transcriptions of podcasts. It is a good idea! I am from europe too(-:
    It would be very helpfull.

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