Podcast: How to Learn Parkour with Thomas Tapp Part 2

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Here is an another podcast all about how to learn parkour, specifically what you training should look like beginner or advanced. It features Thomas Tapp a successful parkour athlete. This is the second part in a two part series. For the first part of the interview click here.

  • How can you do parkour safely especially without a coach?
  • Overcoming fear
  • What are the essential moves?
  • How long should someone work on something before moving onto something more difficult?
  • How do you train at home?
  • Biggest mistakes in Parkour Training?
  • Tips on how to avoid injuries.

Resources from Thomas Tapp:
Parkour Crash Course <== Five day free video course
Parkour Academy
Get Your Backflip Now
How to Human Flag

Parkour Vault

Click here to access the complete transcript.

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