PR Report 11-9-13

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Making good progress on a number of fronts.

I’ve been doing front squats in most of my workouts. In the past week I did all of the following.

  • 135 x 20
  • 185 x 8
  • 235 x 3

In addition, my one arm chin-up work is getting stronger. I did a few reps on each side with my free arm assisting on the bicep. This is the strongest I’ve felt on the exercise.


One step closer to the full one arm chin, making this assisted exercise easier.

I’m working back towards the Beast Snatch Test. In an easy manner I did 100 reps over almost 40 minutes, in between other drills. The purpose of this was more to conditioning the body and hands, then to work on the endurance aspect that is necessary for my goal.

Bending is also feeling strong. I’ve been experimenting with double overhand bending, which is not my strongest version. But by starting some easier nails (I did Grade 5 bolts with ease) from this position, it should carry over when I make the switch from reverse bending to overhand.

So everything has been moving along. This was even on a week where I was doing a detox and haven’t had the energy or strength to workout the past couple days.

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