PR Report 8-24-13

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Once again I’m back on the road. Only got two workouts done at home. Here’s what I did in that time:

Working more on partials I did a 495 lb. three quarter deadlift for a triple.

Also been playing around with a squat style extended deadlift to see if I can start using my legs some more for all my deadlifting.

I shot a video but forgot to upload it of me closing in on the ab wheel rollout.

I’ve been following the method that I outlined in The Ultimate Guide to Bodyweight Ab Exercises and I’m seeing progress several times a week. It won’t be long before I nail this goal.

I also tied my previous record of 8 full range handstand pushups.

Did some more bridging, bending, chinnups but nothing particularly exciting there.

Progressive Calisthenics Cert.

Right now I’m at the PCC in St. Paul, MN. Just wrapped up the first day.

I should have taken some photos but I didn’t. At least I have the next two days to do that. (And set even more PR’s!)

Without having worked on it at all my Human Flag was better than ever. I got the full position with a brief hold on each side. I attribute this to the ab wheel work.

I also nailed a one arm, one leg pushup on each side. This doesn’t surprise me, I just had never really tried it before.

I also realized I’m going to need to work some more on my muscle ups on a straight bar. I can do them, but I wouldn’t call myself good at them at all, while I was very impressed by a number of the other people there.

Care to share your week’s PR’s in the comments below?


  1. Hey Logan, I read your post on the “hypnotic suggestion” exercise involving the curls. I am on my work computer and for some reason, it will not allow me to see the video link and the additional comments. However I am familiar with this type of psychological training. I actually meditate on my favorite strength scriptures from the Bible before and during my workouts. This is very helpful…allows me to focus and increases my capability to do more of whatever exercise.

    1. That’s great. There are many different methods of getting better than normal results.

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