Rotating Deadlifts

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Learn how to do the rotating deadlift in this video. This move is also known as the hockey deadlift. This is a great way to train and strengthen your spine in movements that it is generally weak in.

Some “spine experts” say you should never bend and rotate the spine at the same time, that it will cripple you. I say you should train areas your body is weak in to make your weak links stronger.

Start the rotating deadlift with a light weight. Even skip the barbell and use something like a kettlebell. The move can more of a twisting deadlift, or deadlift to the side then twist.

This rotating deadlift is one deadlift variation that will do just that. Here are articles and videos on more deadlift variations:
Jefferson Deadlift
Partial Deadlift
Trap bar Deadlift

For more details on my deadlift training download this free audio.

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