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Podcast: Deadlift Training

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In this weeks podcast I go deep on my own deadlift training and cover the keys that have led to my progress.

  • Four variations of the deadlift exercise
  • Ideas on changing the range of motion
  • More on the Flat vs. Round back debate
  • Finding your deadspots, the weakness holding your deadlift back
  • Can you train the deadlift four times a week?
  • And more

In this podcast I mentioned Deadlift Dynamite with Andy Bolton and Pavel which you can check out here. Also here are a bunch of links to previous deadlift articles you’ll want to check out.

legendary strength podcast


  1. Hi Logan,
    This information is great! I like the variety you use, so that you keep setting PRs on the way to your major goal, and this helps with keeping workouts fresh.
    One more variation is the partial deadlift–from floor to knee. Barry Ross has had amazing results with this for his sprinters, and Tim Ferris has also deadlifted well with that technique. What do you think about focusing on this limited part?

    1. Author

      Good call Daniel. I’ve read about that one but haven’t used it myself. Since my goal is the full lift, and the hard part for me tends to be around the knee range I’m not sure how much it would help me, but it’s worth experimenting with. For the sprinters it seemed to work very well.

  2. Hey Logan, I have been searching for more info about a dead lift that starts at your side like a suitcase dead lift. You pick it up with two hands to lockout and rotate to place it on your other side. I first saw it called a rotate dead lift but googling it has come up with nothing. I was wondering if you have heard of it / tried it, and what you think of it.

    I found an article on jefferson dead lifts on your site but did not know where to ask this particular question.

    1. Author

      Great question Ken. I have done that exercise before and enjoy it. Its not a major lift I do regularly though. But I will shoot a video and write an article in the near future on it for you.

  3. Thanks Logan! I really appreciate it! Your site always pops up in my searches and with good reason too. I am glad I asked my question here.

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