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A Basic Bodyweight Workout Plan

Shane asks about a basic bodyweight workout plan: “What is a good place to start a body weight workout? I cannot do strict military pull ups, but have always wanted to. I’ve tried negatives etc with no success.” You start with where you are at. The main thing to do with bodyweight, or otherwise, is […]

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Unconventional Exercises For an Indestructible Body

A new article on using unconventional exercises to build unbreakable body has been put on Dragon Door blog. Building an Indestructible Body with “Outside the Box” Exercises Push-ups. You move in one plane of motion, up and down. Squats. The same thing. Pull-ups too. Everyone here will agree that bodyweight exercises are great, but it’s […]

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How to Increase Your Vertical Jump Using Two Tools

What’s the best way to increase your vertical jump? It’s worth mentioning that I haven’t worked to increase my vertical jump specifically, but it’s something that just happened over the years. The one thing that has increased my vertical jump the most is kettlebell training, more specifically the kettlebell swing. Kettlebells Training for Vertical Jumps […]

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What are you missing in your training?

What is the most important thing that most people miss in their training routine? The answer is easy – it’s triceps extensions! Just kidding! It might be partials, bodyweight workouts, kettlebell exercises or other exercises and it all depends on the specific individual. Some other common mistakes may be present, like only training your upper […]

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