Tweaking Your Training Plans

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There are often regular breaks in your routine which should be used to change up how you train. One example is travel for any length of time.

With certainty any travel is going to disrupt any plan of training you have. You may not have the right equipment to do the job, or you just might not have the time.

Of course you can still train no matter where you are, even with just a few minutes but its not likely to be what you did back home.

When you do return you can launch back into your normal training. Or you can use this natural break to change it up.

And when I say change it, I think you should look at your goals again and choose just a few ways to tweak your training. You do not need a complete overhaul, in fact, that would likely be counter-productive.

Logically, since you should be training toward your goals at all times you are just slightly re-adjusting your course.  I did exactly this after returning from my roughly two weeks of travels.

For the most part I’m doing the same thing as I did before I left. But now I’m doing a kettlebell snatch test for conditioning as a break from the kettlebell juggling. I’m using weighted situps as my new ‘main’ ab exercise.

So I’m substituting a few exercises for other ones. I’m also tweaking the set/rep schemes on my trapbar deadlifts, handstand pushups and weighted chinnups.

That may seem like a lot but when compared to the whole plan it’s just a few changes that I feel will better help me toward my goals.

The important thing is to then stick with your changes for at least a month to get the results from them.

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