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What to do about Failure?

Michael asks an important questions: Have been engrossed in Mental Muscle for several days (not finished) and am trying to set anchors. there is so much to remember!! Been listening to your tape on strength so my visualizations are of the three primary lifts in powerlifting. I have used visualization for used visualization for years, […]

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The Mighty Atom’s Internal Dialog

When it comes to sports psychology, one big area is that of your self-talk. What you say to yourself makes a big impact on your performance. (Just like with visualization, HOW you say it may be even more important than the words…) And no, this doesn’t mean what you speak out loud to yourself, but […]

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Mind Power

How to Tweak Your Thinking for Better Performance

I’ve just put up another article at Breaking Muscle and unlike my other posts there, this one focuses on the mental part of training. Meta Programs: How to Adjust Your Thinking for Better Results The term meta program comes from Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). Meta, meaning over or above, indicates that these programs in our […]

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6 Steps to Psych Up

As I said in my previous article very few people give you any sort of specifics on the how to of psyching up. And remember this doesn’t mean you need to have people slapping you in the face. (I never liked that one personally, but hey I guess it works for some.) Psyching up is […]

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Teaching the Winner’s Mindset

I received a question from a subscriber the other day. He is a coach for a high school wrestling team and was curious as to what can be done to teach the winner’s mindset? It is a very important question and one I had some fun thinking about. Some people would say that it cannot […]

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Podcast: NLP for Strength Training Part 3

This podcast explores NLP in more depth as we take a look at identity and well formed outcomes. Click here for Part 1. Click here for Part 2. [display_podcast] A limiting belief that stopped my in doing my backflips better How your IDENTITY guides your training The 6 Main Questions to ask yourself for any […]

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Podcast: NLP for Strength Training Part 2

This podcast explores NLP in more depth as we take a look at beliefs, time and perceptual positions. Click here for Part 1. [display_podcast] Reasons why my progress seems to be accelerating even faster! A 5 Question Belief Assessment Tool How to step into the Future to better achieve your goals today How to step […]

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