Ageist Attitude Poision

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I’ve got a popular video on Youtube about How to Get Up Off the Ground without Your Hands.

Just as the title says it talks about what it takes to get off the ground from sitting or lying down without using your hands.

It gets some interesting comments. The following just came in and it really pissed me off.

“Everyone can do this when they’re young but older people find it difficult and you will too one day if you live long enough; it’s a guarantee so don’t feel so smug.”

This attitude, this belief, is POISON.

It’s not about age.

It’s about what you do.

The old adage “Use it or lose it” is true.

I don’t care if you are 80 years old.

Stop using that as an excuse for your sad state of movement!

My grandfather-in-law always says to me, “wait until you’re my age”.

I’m polite to him, but I don’t buy into this defeatist attitude.

If you can do this movement, great keep going, and work on more complex things. You’ll maintain and expand what you can do.

Simple as that.

If you’ve lost it, you can regain it.

And it will go a long way towards not needing hip and knee replacements.

(Remember, placebo knee surgery worked as well as real surgery!)

I say F this attitude and I hope you’re with me.

For more detail, I actually built an entire course around the idea of standing up. From the super simple to the amazingly complex. And you can get it as a Free Bonus here.


Here’s a few of the comments I got in response including from those in their 70’s that are paving their own healthy way.


Oh, man do I know about this sad way of thinking as you stated. I am 77, or stated another way, my body is 77, I am eternal. My family believes in the aging thing, I do not and never have. I neighbors have been astounded when they see me run up the steep hill we live on, to get the mail. When something occurs that bothers me, people say, oh its just your age. I get so much of this BS that sometimes I almost believe it.
Thanks for the article.


My wife is 70 and I am 68. We have no problem getting up like that because we read your books and work out with strength training 5 days a week. I liked your book about Strengthening Your Structure as well as many others

I listen to everyone that has something good to say, no matter how old they are. I learned about Peter Ragnar through you and I try to listen to his teachings.

You have to get this fantasy number out of your head and just start working out. PROPER FORM is the key.

Life should not be measured by the amount of breathes you take but by the moments that take your breath away.

Keep up the great work, Logan. You and your brothers are greatly appreciated


You are RIGHT ON! The bozo who wrote in with the above comment hasn’t seen other people from the other side of the world (where I now teach) and that is in China. People here in their 70’s to 90’s (I have personally witnessed this) are able to do what you said in your article as well as do multiple sets of pull ups and chin ups (full range of motion) on the bars in the parks. It is amazing to me how many people (arm chair quarterbacks) critizie other people who are “living” their life. Perhaps the people doing the critizing don’t have the “……..” to get up and try themselves. They would rather have a hand-out sitting in a hospital bed. Keep doing what you’re doing! You are right on target!
Thank you for your sharing of knowledge!
– Thomas


I say the same. I’m decided that I’ll be that kind of 80 year old that keeps pressing a couple of 44kg overhead daily, or die by some accident in a stupid feat of strength attempt.


I’m with u Logan..pisson what other people think.I’m 58..not in your category,,but I’m not whining by any means,,walked over an hour with a pack this am,,then 50 or so push ups and squats..still could exercise a few youngsters in the ground. I don’t worry to an extent about offending anyone..neighbors are me working out carrying marriages for farmers DO your thing Logan! There r prob not a hand full who can duplicate what you,Bud,Pavolitus,the the like can do.Carry On


I hear this all the time! people saying enjoy it while I’m young or pushing their modern training crap on me. you know what’s sad? that a 23 year old like me can outperform and has more know how than 99% of these current so called expert’s. Know why I’ll still be strong and built when I’m 90? because I move now! I know how you feel my man, just keep shutting tthese people up with actions! and keep fighting the good fight.


I’m with you, brother. No matter how old we get, we must keep on trying. A person is sometimes their own biggest hindrance.

I once read this story about a guy with one leg training in the gym. He could have given in but he chose to continue to use what he had instead of letting it go to waste. If a one-legged man trains, what excuse do I have?

One of my desires is to be doing pull-ups and push-ups (preferably one-arm), and pistols, deadlifts and sprints until my death as a (hopefully) very old man. I hope God grants me this. However, if I do not put the effort in and work towards it, do I deserve this gift from God?

With regards to the person who said that it is a guarantee that it will be difficult to get up off the ground at old-age, how does he/she know? There are people who cannot do this at a young age. What does this tell us? You have to use it or lose it- just as you said, Logan.



The choice is yours…

You can fall in line with the majority who thinks aging sucks and that will suffer lack of mobility, vitality, disease and broken bones.

Or you can go the other way, by doing something about it.

Move well and you’ll be able to continue to move well and even get better at it.

One of my favorite books that will keep you moving well even past 100 years of age is The Indestructible Body.

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