Breathing Principle – Anatomic vs. Paradox

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Understanding the breathing principle of anatomic (or natural) vs. paradox is very important when breathing is combined with any sort of movement. This is as opposed to just sitting there doing breathing exercises.

This video breaks this down in simple to understand terms using squats as an example of how you want to use each of these. This is because there is no one right way. They both have applications.

The anatomical or natural breathing is whenever your body contracts the torso space, which in turn contracts the space for the diaphragm and lungs. This is the natural time to breathe out.

Then when the torso expands, making more room for the lungs, an in breath is natural.

It is called anatomical or natural breathing because you’re following the natural anatomy of the body.

In contrast, paradoxical breathing flips this. When you contract you breathe in, and when you expand you breathe out.

Neither one is better than the other. Instead, they have different applications. In general, paradoxical breathing is best for strength exercises. In general, anatomical breathing is best for endurance exercises. Understand how to use both and you can further your fitness in a big way.

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