Should I Be Symmetrical in Strength?

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I copy a conversation thread with a customer below as I figure some other people will find it interesting and useful.

It covers how to target weak spots as well, body symmetry, and whether or not to aim for this.


Laid writes:

“If you remember I recently wrote you about my inability to do
chest to bar pull-ups and you told me about drill called shoulder
blade box or something like that.

[Note from Logan: You can find that post and a video of the drill here.]

I’ve used that drill from time to time and I’m almost on my goal, need
about inch or something which is quite improvement so, thank you so
much for this.

Of course, I did some techniques from Mental Muscle book and together
with that drill as I said I’m almost at the end.

Now question.

I have complete left side of my body less flexible. It’s not huge
difference but it is something I can feel that limits me in some

I have my left leg a bit shorter then it’s normal, and since I’m blind
guy who’s left handed, when I walk I bring white kane in my left arm.

Usually, I walk a lot and maybe because of that I have my left
shoulder tilted forward a bit and my left scapula, don’t know how to
express it in English but it’s a bit deformed.

So, I usually do mobility and flexibility routines regularly, but also
equally for both sides.

Now my question. I know which exercises could help me and all that
stuff, but I would like to ask you just about some recommendation
about strategy which would be kinda good approach or good starting

I also have your Indestructible Body books and I think that some of
those exercise will be benefitial to me, but, asking you just about
some strategy that you would possible go or start with.

I really appreciate your opinion because you’re not just smart guy and
know a lot, then I like your approach to everything. That’s why I’m
interested in your opinion about anything but especially about some
specific and unique stuff.

Thanks a lot Logan.”


Glad that drill helped.

If your body is unbalanced in flexibility from left to right side then working on both sides equally wouldn’t help it to come into balance, would it?

Strategically it would make more sense to focus more so on one side, though not necessarily neglecting the other.


Thanks for response. I know that I have to concentrate more on one
side but, maybe I didn’t write last mail like I had to.

Basically, my personal opinion is that I should do unilateral
exercises for both sides of course but more on left side, and then
from time to time do some bilateral exercises to check where I am and
how I progress. This is what I forgot to write in last mail before
asking you for your opinion.

Here, I just wonder is there anything else I should do to make better
and more stable improvements? I want to balance my body, don’t want to
have both sides equal only if I work more on left side.

Thanks again


First of all, realize that the body is not completely symmetrical in many ways, and probably never will be no matter how you train it. That’s not to say that move towards symmetry can’t be a good thing, it has its place, but it’s not the end-all-be-all that some claim.

I think what you’re doing sounds like it’s spot on.

Using the mental training methods along with the physical should also help to further the progress.


To add to what I said I think the following will be decent rules of thumb for you to follow.

Very Asymmetric = Bad. There’s a good chance that this will lead to injury and lack of performance at the very least. Make bringing up the weak side a priority.

Some Asymmetry = Okay. Do some targeting training that should bring things closer to alignment.

Little Asymmetry = Fine. Just focus on progressing with each side. No focus needs to be done.

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