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Quitting the Beast Snatch

Well, I don’t quite look at it that way. Instead, I am switching gears. For years, I’ve pursued the Beast Snatch Test, where I aimed to do 100 snatches in 10 minutes with a 48kg or 106 lb. kettlebell. I’m setting aside this goal…for now. I don’t see this as a failure, just something I […]

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Beast Snatch x 91 reps in 10 minutes

I’m closing in… Unfortunately, as I near the end its only by a couple reps at a time. My previous best in the 10-minute beast snatch was 87 reps. In this workout I hit 91. But there is extra good news with that. As you can see in the video, in the first set I […]

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Beast Snatch Progress

As you likely know if you’ve been paying attention, my main training goal right now is snatching the 48kg or 106 lb. kettlebell 100 times in ten minutes. When I initially conceived of this goal, I thought I’d be able to make short work of it. I proved to be mistaken. Very mistaken. This has […]

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Many kettlebells for training

Mass with Kettlebells

I’m putting on some muscle. I’ve known I should do this for a while, but I’m finally doing it. Why? Because adding some muscle to my frame will help me hit my main goal with the beast snatch test. What about for your goals? Recently, fasting over the new year and traveling (I know some […]

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Kettlebell High Pull Set

Just wanted to share another recent PR in training as I work my way forward on the beast snatch test. As mentioned in a previous article and video, one of the support exercises I use is the high pull. I’ll do whole workouts where I shoot for more volume, or more in a certain time […]

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PR Report 11-16-13

Lots of solid training this week before I hit the road to Phoenix, Arizona for Energy Medicine training. Several days of squats and lots of PR’s among them. This video includes: Front Squat 185 x 10 Front Squat 245 x 1 (new Max) Half Back Squat 455 x 5 My form is still not close […]

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Beast Snatch 50 in 5

Whew! This was a tough one. I decided to go after this goal and I hit it. But it took almost everything I had to get it. 50 reps in 5 minutes in the Beast Snatch Test If you’re following along here’s my progress so far. 34 reps in 5 minutes 62 reps in 10 […]

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First 10 Minute Beast Snatch Test

A few weeks ago I mentioned a new challenge I came up with, the Beast Snatch Test. Back then I did my first work towards it with a five minute version. Last week I went the full ten minutes and managed to get 62 reps. If you watch the video you’ll notice I used some […]

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Beast Snatch Test 5 Minutes

I’ve gotten back to weightlifting, taking a break from the “predominately bodyweight training” I’d been doing for awhile. Much of what I’m doing involves kettlebells, to help prepare and learn new things to teach at the upcoming Kettlebell Workshop in Sacramento, CA on June 15th. As you know, in the past I’ve gone far with […]

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