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The Phantom and the Atom

A few nights ago when I was at a Maverick business event, one of the guest speakers was Sandra Joseph, who played Christine in The Phantom of the Opera on Broadway. As she told her story, she talked about as a child she went to see the play Annie. She felt this immense connection and […]

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An Old Lift for Improved Gains

A new guest article was put up at Breaking Muscle a couple of days ago. Old-time Strongman for New Strength: The Jefferson Deadlift I might like the Jefferson deadlift more than any other version of the deadlift. Yet this amazing exercise is seldom seen in most gyms. My goal with this article is simple. I […]

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Determination and Persistence of Alan Mead

Check out my latest article at Breaking Muscle on an old-time strongman you probably never heard off – Alan Mead. Strongman Profile: Alan Mead Teaches Us About Perseverance Although many of the old-time strongman in the early 1900s were muscular, most paled in comparison to those who came later. But recently, I came across a […]

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Different Kind of Squats by Sig Klein

I just put up another article at Breaking Muscle in the strongman profile series. Strongman Profile: Siegmund Klein Teaches Us a Different Way to Squat Siegmund Klein was a famous all-around old-time strongman. He was well regarded for his physique and posing skills. In addition to being strong with barbells and other weights, he was accomplished […]

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William Pagel

William Pagel was a circus strongman born in 1878 in Germany. Like many men of his time, Pagel was a sailor in his young days and enjoyed traveling around the world. During one of those journeys Pagel decided to leave the ship and settle in Australia. When he turned 19, Pagel was in great physical […]

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Oscar Marineau

Judging from his physical appearance, we can conclude that Oscar Marieau from Canada belongs to the category of old time strongmen who were small framed, but incredibly strong. At height of 5 feet and 4 inches, Oscar weighed 142 pounds at his strongest but still managed to perform amazing feats of strength, often performing better […]

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Thomas Inch

Thomas Inch had a promising future even in his teenage years, since he won the “Britain’s Strongest Youth” title at 16, followed by “Britain’s Strongest Man” in 1910. Perhaps he was most famous for lifting a dumbbell that weights 172 pounds with one hand, with particularly thick handle ( 2 3/8 inches). No one else could repeat […]

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