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How to Heal Injuries Mentally

We will be addressing using some of this stuff around injuries. Basically, the way I look at injuries, most treating of injuries is done on the physical level.  I feel that it is important to get all of the different levels, including the mental and the emotional side of things which are generally not addressed. […]

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Back Pain

Fixing Injuries for Good

Over the past few months I’ve been specializing in working with a number of people on injuries they have. First off let me say I’m not a doctor. Truth is, my anatomy skills, aren’t even the best. If you ask me about muscle attachments you won’t get very useful answers. I don’t diagnose or treat, […]

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How To Do Kettlebell Swings

In the age of technology, we tend to be a very sedentary population as a whole. No one can really deny that. That’s the way it is and it is how our society has developed. Some people work a nine-to-five job that requires them to be sedentary, and yet, others choose to be sedentary as […]

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Wrist Stretch

Regaining My Wrist

As you know if you’ve been sticking around here for a long time I’ve had chronic issues with my right wrist making it much less flexible then my left one. With handstands taking some degree of flexibility this has made progress hard at times. In fact, it has gotten so bad at times I couldn’t […]

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