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Best Bodyweight Exercises For Maximizing Testosterone And Growth Hormone Response

When was the last time you performed a full bodyweight workout? Chances are, not recently. We don’t blame you; after all it is not commercially “sexy”. Yes, even though bodyweight workouts remain an effective way to jack testosterone and growth hormone levels through the roof, they are undeservedly frowned upon because there is nothing to […]

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Joint Strength

Too much attention is put on the muscles, and not enough on the other tissues of the body. In this article, we’re diving deep into the topic of joint strength, a little talked about subject. Now a joint may be considered the synovial cavity, and synovial fluid that fills the inside. But a joint is also […]

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Intensity vs. Severity

The terms we use when it comes to training, guide our thinking about training. As such I feel this is one of the most important terms to “grok” if you want to become stronger. The following comes adapted from The Master Keys to Strength and Fitness where I originally wrote about it. After the typical […]

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Bodyweight Isometrics

Seeing as bodyweight and isometrics are always popular subjects to my readers, this question from Charles covers both… Recently saw you doing some 1-arm chin-up isometric holds which are very difficult but awesome for building arm and back strength. Was wondering if you know of any other powerful bodyweight isometric holds, and if you planned […]

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The Great Gama and The Mighty Atom

In the center of a loose earthen pit, two massive Indian wrestlers stood naked except for breech cloths, their black mustaches preened and heads shaven. Each raised a weighty gold scepter-mace, his badge of championship. This formality concluded, the two men faced each other in the open pit. The crowd took up a chant, calling […]

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5 BIG Lessons I Learned from Bud Jeffries

In this article I want to share with you five different big strength training lessons that have largely impacted my life that I learned from Bud Jeffries. #1 – Mixing and Matching Implements When I first got into serious training I was wrapped in the idea of being a bodyweight only guy. Then my friend […]

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Kettlebell Farmers Walk

The Farmer’s Walk

In my last article I discussed one aspect of Strengthen Your Structure; partial training and weight supports. A series of exercises, somewhat similar but also different in several ways, are the carrying exercises. These are similar in that your body must work to support a load in one position. Which position you use will depend […]

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Bodyweight Exercises for Shoulders

If your workout consists of mostly bodyweight exercises and your shoulders are lagging behind, or you’re just looking to increase more size to them, then this article might be of use to you. The shoulders lag behind for a lot of people, but fortunately changing hand positioning and load will improve things immensely. This video […]

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Isometrics or Full Range Lifts

Is it better to train using full range lifts or isometrics? First of all, you can use isometrics in two main different ways. You can get incredibly strong and activate your entire body with just isometrics training, like Steve Justa for example. There is a great book called “Functional Isometric Contraction” by Bob Hoffman which […]

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Bodyweight Isometric Exercises

[youtube] It’s videos like the one shown above that goes through a circuit of bodyweight isometric exercises that get me really excited! Why? It goes to show you that we do not need to lock ourselves up in a dark and depressing gym like a little rat (or a big rat if that makes you […]

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