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Chin-ups: Two Arm vs. One Arm vs. Weighted

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Been reading through The Super Athletes by David P. Willoughby. It’s quite an amazing book filled with the feats of strength and endurance done by all kinds of strongmen. As the one arm chin-up is a goal of mine, I found this section particularly interesting and thought it was worth …

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Behind the Back Deck of Cards Tear

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This may have been the first time I’ve ever attempted this feat of strength. That being said, the behind the back deck of cards tear went quite well. By changing the position of the hands, there is a bit less leverage than out in front. It’s a tougher angle from …

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Advanced Card Tearing

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I’m been working on my card tearing as my main feat of strength for a few months now. It’s the strongest it’s ever been and here I’ll share two new PR’s. First up is tearing a mini deck of cards in half. Tearing a mini deck of cards in half …

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Warren Lincoln Travis Back Lift

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Warren Lincoln Travis was one of the “World’s Strongest Men” back at the turn of the previous century. For years he was an attraction at Coney Island where you could see him perform a wide range of feats of strength, such as the back lift here. The back lift …

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Quartering a Deck of Cards

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Halving or tearing a deck of cards is when you tear it in two. Then you can tear one of these halves in two, which means quartering a deck of cards. I’ve been working on my card tearing again lately and this video marks a PR for me. I’ve quartered …

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How to Properly Use a Wrist Roller

In Strongman Mastery by jana1 Comment

If you’re looking to build wrist strength, then there is one way to properly use a wrist roller. The common way of using a wrist roller involves holding it up with your arms outstretched. The problem with this is that your shoulder strength is going to be the limiting factor, …

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The Case for Neck Strength

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Youtube comments often make me laugh. In this case, it came on the Amazing Feats of Strength Video, which you can watch here. The comment was referring to the weighted wrestler’s bridge concrete break that begins the video, with strongman Bud Jeffries swinging the sledgehammer. To that, Dan V said… …

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How to Boost Performance 300%

In Mental Mastery by jana1 Comment

I have mentioned the flow state and how the science has investigated this further.  Specifically, studies have found that people in the “flow state” release a number of different neurotransmitters and hormones. These include: Norepinephrine & Dopamine: Tightens focus and keeps us in the NOW. Speeds up muscle reaction time, …

Intuition Bends Wrenches

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The other day I had some time to kill. I had already gone through all my email so I did something I don’t often do…I looked at Instagram. And I’m happy that I did as I saw the following picture and post from Chris Rider. If you don’t know Chris …

Don’t be a Robot!

In Bodyweight Mastery, Strongman Mastery by VALeave a Comment

Bodybuilders get a lot of crap, especially from us in the “functional training” world. But that’s not to say there aren’t some smart and strong guys out there in that world. Recently came across this quote from Tom Platz, a professional bodybuilder voted to have the ‘Best Quads and Hamstrings …

The Giant of Luxemburg by George F. Jowett

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The following article comes from famous strongman George F. Jowett. Herr Stauffer, we will call him, was a circus proprietor of portly proportions fed by the genius that knew how to serve attractive performances to a people whose prosaic lives and deductive minds found gladness in the masterly performance of …