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The Three Jolly Germans by George F. Jowett

The following is an article from George F. Jowett about the Saxon trio. The Saxon Trio – what a name to conjure with – a name, to me, reminiscent of happy hours dramatized with amazing deeds of strength. Arthur, Herman and Kurt Saxon. Three brothers who represented altogether a mountain of colossal strength never surpassed. […]

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Which Person Are You? (failure or success)

Let me tell you about two different people…I knew one person that didn’t workout at all. Yet, she had a lofty routine in her mind. Despite not being a morning person she planned to wake up before dawn at 5 o’clock each morning and go running. She planned to do this every single day! And her […]

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Elliot Hulse

Podcast: Elliot Hulse

I’ve been reading and watching Elliot Hulse for about the past year and he’s one of my favorite teacher’s of strength training out there because he covers much more than strength. So it was my pleasure to interview him on the podcast. [display_podcast] Elliot’s Four Levels of Strength What type of character are you? Why […]

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Planche Progression

Here you’ll find tips on planche progression. “I’m 21 years ( physically strong ) I do need to get into Planche. Can you advice me on something to start with ???” Kenji I have not built myself up to doing the planche. Haven’t really worked on it much. But I can give you a variety of […]

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Scissors Handstand

After most people, myself included, have some success with the handstand they want to move on to a variety of stunts, most of which are much harder. My advice, nowadays, is to stick with the handstand itself for a bit longer. Yes, you can always just work on adding more time in a hold while […]

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Achieving Handbalancing Success in 2008

If you celebrate Christmas then I hope you had a wonderful time yesterday. If not, well then I still hope you had a great day. But Christmas means one thing is coming. That’s right, the end of the year is fast approaching.I have always found the new year is a reflective time for myself. But […]

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