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Rack Pull vs. Health Lift

This video covers the difference between Rack Pull vs. Health Lift, and why you might want to choose one over the other: The key difference is in the alignment of the spine and legs. In a rack pull, you’re mimicking your deadlift position as you would normally have it, typically in a conventional deadlift. In […]

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San Diego Stairs Workout

This past week I’ve been in San Diego for two back to back events and conferences. I do travel quite a bit for my businesses, but it’s typically weekend or few day trips. In those cases I usually hit a solid workout the day before or day of when leaving, and then use that time […]

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Unilateral Bodyweight Exercises

If I was to ask you to provide me with a strength training related exercise, you would probably say something along the lines of a bench press or some form of a squat considering their common place within traditional workouts. In this particular article we are going to take a step back from the traditional, […]

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How to do a Wallrun

No matter if you have seen it in movies, video games or on other videos, wallruns are always quite astonishing to look at. For a moment it appears as if though you are defying the laws of gravity, and anything that unnatural is certain to impress anyone. The best way to go with this is […]

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Handstand Muscles

Today’s post will answer another question from the many I regularly receive. “Hey I am Stefan I am now starting out with doing the handstand, but my question is what muscles are involved in doing the handstand and what exercises can I do to improve it?” Let’s start with the first question, what muscles are […]

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Scissors Handstand

After most people, myself included, have some success with the handstand they want to move on to a variety of stunts, most of which are much harder. My advice, nowadays, is to stick with the handstand itself for a bit longer. Yes, you can always just work on adding more time in a hold while […]

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The X Balance

I love this picture. Just how the legs and arms line up to become a perfect X. With the arms spread wide balancing becomes much more difficult. You won’t have the simple back and forth balancing like in a regular handstand as your hands are pointed towards the sides. The quality is not the best […]

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The True Planche

An older hand balancer recently sent me a CD full of pictures of himself and others hand balancing. There are some amazing pictures and I thought I’d start off with one of the best. And there will be many more coming posted up here. Without further adieu meet Rafael Guerrero. What most people don’t realize […]

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