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Develop Strong Grip With a Help of Edward Aston

Another article from the Strongman Profile series at Breaking Muscle has just been published. Strongman Profile: Edward Aston Teaches the Basics of Grip Strength Edward Aston is not one of the better-known old-time strongmen, but he deserves to be. Aston beat out Maxick for the World’s Middle-Weight-Lifting Championship in 1910. The following year, he won […]

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All About Muscle Control

Muscles can do one of two things, either contract or relax, with varying degrees of both. Muscle control is the art of controlling your muscles. More specifically it involves controlling muscles in isolation, in combinations and sequences. As a specific practice it was largely “created” by Maxick (born Max Sick, but changed his name as […]

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Fifty year old Tromp Van Diggelen

Tromp Van Diggelen

Tromp Van Diggelen was a strongman, author and teacher born in 1885 who endured a sickly childhood like many old-time strongmen. He actually almost died three times as a child, from pleurisy, pneumonia and bronchitis. However, his mother was determined to have a healthy kid and she decided to set up an appointment with Eugen […]

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Maxick on Muscle Control

Strongman Profile series on Breaking Muscle wouldn’t be complete without Maxick, the master of muscle control. Strongman Profile: Maxick Teaches Us the Lost Art of Muscle Control Muscle control is for the most part a lost art that is no longer widely applied today. Yet a hundred years ago there was one man whose name […]

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Sig Klein

Unlike most boys in his time at the age of 15, Sig Klein wasn’t inspired by a strongman act in a circus, but after reading Physical Culture & Strength magazines back in the 1900’s. Some say he was also inspired to start training by his father, who was a strong and muscular man.  He began […]

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Maxick's Muscle Control

This video is a short overview of Muscle Control by Maxick. Muscle control is largely a lost art, especially to the level Maxick was said to have mastered it. If you want to learn how to get started this book which you can find on Amazon is a great place to start.

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Muscle Control by Maxick

Muscle Control by Maxick is one of the most classic books of the oldtime strongmen. There are many other great books on the art of muscle control, but none are as popular as this one. It’s probably because the book is quite simple and the exercises are easy to follow. Here is a short piece […]

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