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Happy Halloween

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Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays. This picture comes from the most epic Halloween I ever had, where we had a group of about 20 people involved as the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles with just about every character involved. Only a few of which are pointed out …

Tour My House

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I’ve finished my move up to Oregon and wanted to show you around the place. I plan on doing even more video in the future and most of it will be from this location.

Gym Owners Host a Workshop?

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Do you want to host a workshop at your gym? With myself and possibly some of my other friends? As you know I just finished up with my first big workshop with Bud Jeffries. It was a load of fun, all the attendees loved it and I want more. It’s …

2011 Survey

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Just put the finishing touches up on the survey. Go and take it now. This won’t take more than two minutes at maximum to complete. There is a single page and just four questions. Help me out and you’ll also see some of the possible direction for this year. (Yes, …

Mike Mahler

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We went overboard last night. In the Super Human Training call with Mike Mahler Great topics were covered such as: Why three meals a day is superior to six in multiple different ways The #1 thing you can do to optimize your hormones Why simple supplements are best (and what …

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New Banner

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I just paid for a new banner to this site. Unfortunately, I’m not impressed. But maybe I’m wrong. What do you think? Any graphic designers out there that would be interested in designing a new banner for this site? I’d be more then happy to make a trade for something …


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The site here is newly revamped. Its not quite done yet but getting close. Leave a comment below and tell me what you think. Good Luck and Good Hand Balancing, Logan Christopher P.S. If you’re a follower of my site, Legendary Strength, then this should look familiar to you. If …

Ultimate Guide to Handstand Pushups

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I’ve just released The Ultimate Guide to Handstand Pushups. This book covers every detail you could think of on one of the greatest exercises, handstand pushups. If you are working on doing your first rep you’ll find details on how to get there (not to mention a day by day …

Scissors Handstand

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After most people, myself included, have some success with the handstand they want to move on to a variety of stunts, most of which are much harder. My advice, nowadays, is to stick with the handstand itself for a bit longer. Yes, you can always just work on adding more …

New Blog Look

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I’ve been slacking in updating the site and adding new content lately. Now I plan to fix that situation. So there’s two important announcements today. First I want to hear what you’d like me to cover. I’ve put up a short two question survey that’ll help me to know exactly …

Legendary Strength Website Updates

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The Legendary Strength website has been updated. New sections and areas for you to use but this is really just the beginning. Much more to come in the following months. Let me know how you like it. Like I said this is just the framework for some great stuff coming …