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How to Avoid getting Broken from a Program

This is a really important concept that I hope you ‘grok’. What I see is so many people never achieve the strength or fitness they desire, because injury gets in the way. Jeff, a new Strength Health Mind Power Inner Circle Member, wrote in saying: “For me, right now, that is about pain relief (arthritis […]

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I’m like an 18 year old girl selling weight loss?

A couple weeks ago, I sent out an article about fixing osteoarthritis that was based on a customer asking me about the topic. In case you missed it, you can find it on the blog here. Overall, there was great feedback on it. But I also got one guy that had BIG problems with it. […]

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Workouts that Build Your Brain

I love science…but it’s not without it’s problems. One of which is that we often have theories that are just plan wrong. Remember the idea that the brain didn’t grow new neurons as an adult, and wasn’t capable of change? Couldn’t be more wrong. Jim wrote in response to the recent post on diversity of […]

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Dragondoor’s Health and Strength Conference 2016

Dragondoor announced last week the second annual Health and Strength Conference. I spoke there last year, on the subject of mental training, and I’ll be doing so again this year, along with others including Dan John, Al Kavadlo, Max Shank, Jon Bruney and many others. Hope to see you there! And if you are coming […]

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How to Learn Parkour

Merry Christmas! Regardless of whether you celebrate this holiday or any other this time of year, I’m in the spirit of giving. I mentioned this before and now its ready. Grab my new interview with Mark Toorock of American Parkour In just over an hour we covered tons of information from the beginnings of parkour […]

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Workout Training Journal

When the new year comes around most people make a resolution or two and abandon them within a week. That’s not me and I hope not you either. I find the new year is always a time for reflection as well as forward planning. And I spend significant time doing those things. Seriously, right now […]

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First Official Crossfit Workout

One of my brothers who was in town is into Crossfit big time and he convinced me to go along with him to one of the local gyms this Saturday. When we got there I was asked if I had done Crossfit before. My answer was ‘sort of’. I had done Crossfit style workouts several […]

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