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The Double Shrimp Squat

The following is what I like to call the double shrimp squat, sometimes also called the advanced shrimp squat. I first picked up this move from Al Kavadlo. The single shrimp squat, that is with just one hand behind you holding onto the foot is an easier version and a preliminary step to this one. […]

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Yardstick Conditioning

This is a concept I first learned from Bud Jeffries. I believe he outlined it inside of Twisted Conditioning 2, though I could have that mixed up. Bud was the first guy I saw that was really doing it all. While many people were bodyweight only guys, or kettlebell guys, or clubbell people, here was […]

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Movement Feedback Systems

Isn’t it funny where the ‘AHA’ moments strike? A couple months back, I was at a marketing seminar. The speaker was talking about feedback systems, specifically his hobby of creating audio speakers, and how this related to marketing. Well, just the previous day I had been filming Module 5 of Intuitive Mobility. In that module, I […]

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What is Mobility?

Mobility. Undoubtedly, you’ve heard this word before. The definition is: “the ability to move or be moved freely and easily.” That’s a pretty good definition…though maybe not defined as clearly as could be useful. One of my favorite things I learned from Frankie Faires: how he talked about athletic qualities. They were all based in […]

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Why aim for Flow in Movement?

When it comes to fitness, we tend to think about tangible things. Strength is pounds on the bar or kettlebell, or the progressive step of a bodyweight exercise. Endurance is the time in which you can complete an event or workout. Body transformation is largely about pounds on the scale (as well as body fat […]

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Progressive Stand Up Challenges – Cross Leg Sit to Stand

This video is the first in a series of progressive stand up challenges where I cover regressions and progressions to be able to do various bodyweight movements. Our first one covers the cross leg sit to stand. This was the method used in the sitting-rising test as covered in Brito et al’s research, that showed […]

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A Basic Bodyweight Workout Plan

Shane asks about a basic bodyweight workout plan: “What is a good place to start a body weight workout? I cannot do strict military pull ups, but have always wanted to. I’ve tried negatives etc with no success.” You start with where you are at. The main thing to do with bodyweight, or otherwise, is […]

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5 Minute Intuitive Mobility Routine

I figured it might be helpful to share an example of me doing an “intuitive mobility” routine. By intuitive, I mean that I’m not just doing the 3 circles per joint, then move onto the next. I start with a movement, feel into my body, and let that guide what I do next. In doing […]

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Hanging Body Whip Drill

shoulderIt is great to move your body in many different ways. As such, I often play with movements. And so it was that I found myself going from some hanging drills into the following: The Hanging Body Whip   Hang from a bar where you can keep your feet on the ground. Then rotate your […]

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Death by All Causes

Are you familiar with the term “death from all causes,” sometimes also called “all-cause mortality?” In longitudinal research, that is studies where the same data is collected from the same people over long periods of time, this is something that can often be found. For example, one group of people does X, while a second […]

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