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Wrist Strengthening Exercises

An important part of handstands is having hand strength and flexibility so here are some wrist strengthening exercises. I’ve always had some wrist troubles when it came to handstands due to an old injury. And recently my right wrist has been acting up making even a regular handstand hard to hold. How have I been […]

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Increase Recovery By Cutting Volume

After you train there is one thing you have to do in order to get stronger. And that is RECOVER! Without recovery you’ll only train yourself into the ground. You don’t have to recover 100% between workouts but you do need to get most of the way there. In my workouts I’ve been doing five […]

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Handstands When Your Wrists Hurt

A common problem many beginners have with handstands is that their wrists can’t take it. I know the feeling. From a football injury back in high school my right wrist has never been the same. Its less flexible and even hurts when too much pressure is put on it in certain ways. Actually working on […]

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Injury-Proofing Your Ankles

A subscriber wrote in after the release of the Parkour Tutorial DVD with a warning. Thanks again Adam for bringing it to my attention. Tricking, Parkour, even gymnastics can be rough on the ankles. Sprains, strains, and broken ankles are unfortunately not that uncommon. In order to avoid this you want to do two things. […]

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