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Handstands When Your Wrists Hurt

A common problem many beginners have with handstands is that their wrists can’t take it. I know the feeling. From a football injury back in high school my right wrist has never been the same. Its less flexible and even hurts when too much pressure is put on it in certain ways. Actually working on […]

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Injury-Proofing Your Ankles

A subscriber wrote in after the release of the Parkour Tutorial DVD with a warning. Thanks again Adam for bringing it to my attention. Tricking, Parkour, even gymnastics can be rough on the ankles. Sprains, strains, and broken ankles are unfortunately not that uncommon. In order to avoid this you want to do two things. […]

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Building Vital Power

What is vital power? Bernarr MacFadden, the father of physical culture, explained it as such: “Vital power is more than the capacity to pursue your work with comfort! It is more than the power of endurance! It is, as has been said, life itself! It is the force that is hidden latent in the seed […]

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Recovering From Your Workouts

Sometimes you just need a little time off from working out. It can be a hard thing to do. When you love training to give it up for even as little as a week. But if you’ve been training hard for a period of time you may need to back off a bit. Not necessarily […]

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Magic Pill for Handstands

You know I’ve been searching for something like this for a long, long time. But I’ve finally found it. What is it? Why it’s a Magic Pill that’ll make you an expert hand balancer overnight. All you have to do is pop it in your mouth and the next morning you’ll be duplicating Professor Paulinetti’s […]

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