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On Kettlebell Snatch Form

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I have to laugh. This form stuff is so funny. I understand the snatch better than most people out there. I understand that form must be compromised to go this fast. Others do not understand this. But I don’t teach the snatch the way I show it in the video …

Dominate the Kettlebell Snatch

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The time has come… And that time is to dominate the kettlebell snatch. As you likely know I recently hit 301 snatches in 10 minutes with the 53 lb. bell. Now I’ll finally show you how I did it. I have a series of videos that not only shows you …

Huge Announcement Tomorrow

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If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook you may have heard. I hit my goal! 301 snatches with the 24kg kettlebell in 10 minutes and multiple hand switches. I’ll have a video up soon (sooner if my editing program hadn’t just given out on me)… But that’s not what …

New Article at Old Time Lifting

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I wrote a guest article for Rob Drucker over at This one is called How to Strength and Power with Kettlebells. Be sure to check it out as well as the other great articles on the site. Rob has a tremendous physical culture knowledge.

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Performing at Rise Above

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Thanks to Doug over at Rise Above Performance Training I’ve got more video from the event. In a previous post, I talked mostly about the competition. In this one, we have the performances. I often tell people the difference between modern strongman and oldtime strongman is the first is competition …

Johann Martin

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I’ve got some exciting projects in the works. More on those later. For now I wanted to share this video with you of Johann Martin in case you haven’t seen it. To me this guy is the ultimate athlete. Basically he does many of the things I do, he’s just …

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Kettlebell Snatch Test

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I’ve talked about the kettlebell snatch test a lot here in the past. Figured I’d write up an article that tells you the basics of this exercises, the different tests, a few tips on training it, plus a video showing it all in action. New Article –> Kettlebell Snatch

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Swings, Swings and More Swings

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I have to say I’m motivated to do more swings. Read an rough draft of Bud’s upcoming book where he details his kettlebell swing odyssey. And just last night on the Super Human Training Teleseminar Series we had Tracy Reifkind, the Queen of the Kettlebell Swing. As I was motivated …

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My Training History

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I got this idea from Josh Hanagarne. To write a history of my strength training and lifting. Beware this is a longer story than I normally write but I think you’ll find it entertaining. My beginnings I was a weak kid growing up. Very scrawny. More interested in computers and …

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Kettlebell Snatch Coaching Offer

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I was only going to open this up to customers but I’ve decided to let anyone who wants in, as far as filling the last couple spots. Maybe you’ve seen my recent results about my work on the kettlebell snatch. (All multiple hand switches.) 250 reps in 10 minutes with …

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The Results Are In

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Wow!!! I got over two hundred responses to my kettlebell snatch test survey in under 24 overs. As that is plenty of data to work with the survey is now closed. Those of you that filled it out should have received an email from me linking you to the video …