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Warren Lincoln Travis Back Lift

Warren Lincoln Travis was one of the “World’s Strongest Men” back at the turn of the previous century. For years he was an attraction at Coney Island where you could see him perform a wide range of feats of strength, such as the back lift here. https://youtu.be/_RXhrr26c4Q The back lift is not often seen these […]

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Full Deep Vacuum Box Breathing

A new breathing combination routine I’ve been doing which involves box breathing and the abdominal vacuum, along with a few other finer points. Details can be found inside of the August’s Strength Health Mind Power Inner Circle newsletter titled “My New Favorite Breathing Exercise…Full Deep Vacuum Box Breathing”. Become a member here.

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Yardstick Conditioning

This is a concept I first learned from Bud Jeffries. I believe he outlined it inside of Twisted Conditioning 2, though I could have that mixed up. Bud was the first guy I saw that was really doing it all. While many people were bodyweight only guys, or kettlebell guys, or clubbell people, here was […]

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What are Assistance Exercises for?

Yesterday, I talked about how many people do assistance exercises wrong. And that was to do them without rhyme or reason, simply because you think or heard they were a good idea. Because this idea of assistance exercises often gets attached to the idea of isolation exercises (like those hamstring curls or thigh extensions), many […]

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How to Train Your Legs WRONG

I remember way back when I worked out at a 24 Hour Nautilus (this was before they were bought out and changed their name to 24 Hour Fitness). Here’s what my leg workout looked like: 4 sets of barbell squats 4 sets of leg press 3 sets of hamstring curls 3 sets of leg extensions […]

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How to Avoid getting Broken from a Program

This is a really important concept that I hope you ‘grok’. What I see is so many people never achieve the strength or fitness they desire, because injury gets in the way. Jeff, a new Strength Health Mind Power Inner Circle Member, wrote in saying: “For me, right now, that is about pain relief (arthritis […]

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How to Combine Isometric Training with more…

A great question came in recently. And it’s a common question about how to combine different forms of training, if it can be done well at all. Robert asks: First of all: congratulations on your fantastic website!! I’m lovin’ it! Well, I train seriously since two years now, one year of it only calisthenics, based […]

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Pressing Isometrics in Doorway

In the previous video, I discussed how to do pressing isometrics if you have a barbell and power rack available. In my opinion, this is the best option. But not everyone has that same equipment. If you missed that video, click here. So, in this video I give you an alternative option that anybody that […]

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Pressing Isometrics in Power Rack

If you have a barbell and a power rack you can easily work with a number of pressing isometrics that will translate over to pressing any object. All you have to do is move the pins around so that you can work any position you want. See it in action in the video below. Find […]

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Tendon Strength through Isometrics

The cult of muscle. That is the strength and fitness world that we live in. Few people give any recognition to other bodily tissues that play a role, such as the tendons. Yet, these other tissues are KEY, if you want to be strong. In January’s Strength Health Mind Power Inner Circle newsletter, which goes […]

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