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Rafter Rows

One thing I never really had an opportunity to work on is rafter pullups. If you’re not familiar with this exercise, it is where you pinch a rafter, fingers on one side, thumbs on the other, and holding up yourself just like this, you do pullups. In my new place were some rafters I could […]

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6 Strength Training Measuring Sticks

How do you match up? While you shouldn’t necessarily compare yourself to other people out there, it can be useful from time to time.These six measuring sticks can be helpful guidelines for how you might want to structure your training and what your weak points might be. Deadlift – Bodyweight X 2 Back Squat – […]

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Progressive Slides vs. Jumps

If you want to become stronger (more enduring, flexible, skilled, etc.) it comes down to progression. If you understand the principles of progression then you can achieve just about any physical thing. It’s just a matter of putting in the work over time. People often ask, how do you tear a phonebook in half? Besides […]

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PCC Century Test

Next weekend I’m going to be one of the assistant instructors at the Progressive Calisthenics Certification in Mountain View, CA. I look forward to teaching others tips and progressions of bodyweight exercises. (Plus I always pick up a few insights myself at these events.) Anyway, I want to share a “workout” with you. In order to […]

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One Arm Chinnup Hold

Adding Reps to One Arm Chins

As many of you have seen, and even done yourself, when someone signs up for my free gifts on this site I ask them to send me their most burning question. The other day I got one from someone that was stronger than me at this particular exercise, doing one arm chin-ups. Although I’m all […]

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Hard Bodyweight Exercises

Anyone who has been training long enough has felt it, that familiar stagnation that happens when your routine starts to get a tad bit too easy. If you’re mostly doing bodyweight movements, you might feel this a lot sooner than your freeweight compadres. Maybe you’re just looking for an extra challenge and want to see […]

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Bodyweight Exercises for Size

Can bodyweight exercises really put on quality size? The answer is yes and no. Yes, you can do bodyweight exercises for size but there are still other things that are more important to consider. [youtube=] I have referenced this video before, but I’m referring to it again because it makes some really good points. The […]

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