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Death by All Causes

Are you familiar with the term “death from all causes,” sometimes also called “all-cause mortality?” In longitudinal research, that is studies where the same data is collected from the same people over long periods of time, this is something that can often be found. For example, one group of people does X, while a second […]

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Felton Spring Water

The Most Important Thing for Health is NOT Food…

Nutrition is a big topic. And its hotly contested. Everyone that attempts to be healthy has their own opinion. Not to mention its confusing. Everyone knew that animal fat was killing you just a few years ago. But today its healthy, assuming you get it from healthy animals. What beliefs do we hold as obviously […]

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Amazing Nutrient Benefits

It’s actually been a year since I was first really introduced to a certain nutrient and began a wide range of experiments with it. It’s cheap and common but almost no one has a idea of all the benefits it can bring. According to a book by medical doctors it: Lowers bad cholesterol better than […]

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nutrition and physical degeneration

Podcast: Nutrition and Physical Degeneration

I’ve just finished reading a classic book in the health field. While so many people talk about their theories of eating, one many studied the source, by going back to native peoples and looking at their health and diet before they became westernized. Nutrition and Physical Degeneration by Weston A. Price is that book. There […]

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Dark Side Of Fat Loss

Dark Side of Fat Loss Review

I had the pleasure of meeting Sean Croxton recently. I had listened to his show a few times and really liked what he was doing. He sent me a copy of his ebook The Dark Side of Fat Loss and this is my review of it. The Dark Side of Fat Loss is an ebook. […]

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Dark Side Of Fat Loss

Podcast: Sean Croxton

We’re switching gears a bit for the time being and covering more health and nutrition info over the next couple episodes. I’m honored to have Sean Croxton of Underground Wellness on the podcast. [display_podcast] Why JERF is the answer… What we can learn from Weston A. Price Simple method of understanding what foods work for […]

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Eugen Sandow

Eugen Sandow, the man who started it all and the father of modern bodybuilding. His real name was Friedrich Wilhelm Müller, but he took his stage name for two reasons – 1) it was a custom to do so as a stage performer and 2) he left Prussia to avoid military service, so it was […]

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Are you hitting your training goals?

This is an important question to ask. Are you hitting your training goals? If you are then great, keep doing what you’re doing. If not, then something is wrong and something needs to be changed. Everyone promises you that you’ll add inches to your biceps, pounds to your squat, and able to do complex gymnastic […]

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