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Strict vs. Explosive One Arm Rows

In a recent post I talked about using strict form or not and the differences in each. One of the exercises that is a good description of this is the one arm row. And so, in the following video you’ll see a demonstration of a strict row as compared to an explosive, heave, or non-strict […]

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Hercules + Muscle + Hypnosis = Awesome

I wanted to share this recent workout with you. 112 snatches with the 40kg (88 lb.) kettlebell in 10 minutes. Not only was that an overall record, but I also did more reps at every minute mark within that time frame. (That’s something I’ve been looking at as far as progress is concerned with this […]

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San Diego Stairs Workout

This past week I’ve been in San Diego for two back to back events and conferences. I do travel quite a bit for my businesses, but it’s typically weekend or few day trips. In those cases I usually hit a solid workout the day before or day of when leaving, and then use that time […]

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Kettlebell Bolt Competition Results

This past Saturday I participated in my first kettlebell competition. It was a Bolt competition put on by the IKLF (International Kettlebell Lifting Federation). In case you’re not aware, the Bolt rules make competing in kettlebells more “user friendly” than the original kettlebell sport. They do this through three ways: By having more events (Double […]

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Double Kettlebell Snatch x 100

Whew! This one was tough… 100 double snatches with the 24kg kettlebells. Although the same amount of “work” as the 150 reps with double 16 kg’s, this was harder. It is also the same amount of “work” as my goal of of 100 reps in the single snatch with the 48kg kettlebell. Work, in this […]

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Pyotr Kryloff

Pyotr Kryloff

Pyotr Kryloff was a strongman, wrestler and athlete who lived from 1871 to 1933. He was best known as The King of Kettlebells, performing incredible feats of strength using kettlebells on a circus stage. Pyotr (also known as Pierre) was born in Moscow and his father was an avid fan of physical culture and sports […]

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What is Perfect Form?

I received a response from one of my earlier articles where I stated that I’m not all that concerned with good form in my exercises. This is very much in contrast with what most people believe, so it is worth going into more detail. Good Form = No Injuries and Bad Form = Injuries? I […]

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Tour of My Gym

I’ve been asked to give a tour of my gym, so I decided to create this video and share it with you. My gym is actually located in a two-car garage, but since the gym takes all the space, no cars go in here. Apart from various bodyweight training and weightlifting, I am also involved […]

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Jeff Martone

8 Years of Kettlebells

I’ve been using kettlebells for a fair amount of time. And over that time I’ve used them for many purposes and with many different methods. In this article I’m going to encourage you to go outside of the box on whatever methods you may have come to know and use with them. To properly do […]

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Different Kettlebell Presses

My newest article over at Breaking Muscle has just been published. In it I talk about a variety of ways to put a kettlebell overhead. Military Press Side Press Bent Press Rotational Press Upper Body Push Press Push Press Jerk Bottoms Up Press Read 8 Way to Get a Kettlebell Overhead here.

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